ruban punch The PUNCH RIBBON
Under the patronage of the Guadeloupean Sailing Committee

Created in 1981, the challenge consists in a non-stop sailing tour around Guadeloupe without assistance.
rules punch ribbonThe regulations The records

rules punch ribbon The regulations

The "Punch Ribbon" is the challenge of breaking the record of the Tour of Guadeloupe by real time.

Admitted ships:

Distance of the course:
Start: The race: Finishing line:

The rules - LGV

Records since 1981

15/04/1981 Guy Delage - Gerard Villemin - Jean Michel on
"Funambule de Siapoc", Prao de 17m, 3,7T
20h 47m 54s
19/03/1984 Claude and Jean-Marie Thélier - Bruno - PH. Karlyle on
"Guadeloupe", Prao de 17m, 3,7T,
150m² of sails + 240m² spinnaker
15h 21m 49s
30/01/1993 Philippe Cairo and Yvan Bourgnon on
"KL18 Hollywind", Catboat
14h 22m 30s
28/12/1997 Gwenaël Roth - Thierry Monfret on
Hobie Cat Tiger 18
13h 26m 40s
04/01/1998 Claude and Jean-Marie Thélier on
Hobie Cat Tiger 18
12h 58m 41s
14/03/1998 Claude and Jean-Marie Thélier on
Hobie Cat Tiger 18
12h 41m 13s
Intermediate times:
Departure: 03:08:51 AM
Pointe des Châteaux: 06:53:51 AM
Pointe de la Vigie: 08:46:17 AM
Ilet Kahouanne: 10:21:53 AM
Vieux Fort: 01:15:30 PM
Capesterre-Belle-Eau: 03:04:12 PM
Finish: 03:50:04 PM
28/03/2005 Anne Caseneuve with Claude Bistoquet on board on
Trimaran Guadeloupe Telecom
11h 10m 42s
02/06/2007 Yvan Bourgnon on
Trimaran 60 ft "Brossard"
08h 03m 21s
12/02/2011 Creation of the Ruban Punch Zoo Rock open for monohulls Class 40
record Eric Defert on Terrallia 40 ft (12m20)
crew: Daniel Segalowicz, Thierry Ugolini, Jean-Paul Levert, Vincent Demaynard, Stephane Squarcioni
16h 22m 56s