Helpful Informations

vieux gréement

The applicable legislation is the same here as in metropolitan France, with the exception of taxes.

police Police checks are compulsory, but free of charges, even for French boats coming from other French departments.
The stay must not exceed 6 months and must be touristic.
Passports for the crew and passengers and the original boat registration must be presented.
Required security equipment must be on board and up to date.

douane Customs
No customs formalities in the ports of St. Bartholomew and St. Martin.

French boats coming from another French department go through customs only if they have something to declare.
There is a maximum of 6 month/year temporary admission into the country.

Original documents to be submitted:
ship registration
license ( for motor boats)
passports for crew and passengers
bills for merchandise and recent additional equipment on board
All formalities must be completed by the captain before the disembarkation of the passengers and the ship must hoist a yellow flag until then.
Customs and Police Office Locations:
Marina of Bas-du-Fort
Marina of Rivière-Sens
Squad in Deshaies
Squad in Saint-François
Squad in Port-Louis
Marie-Galante: Grand Bourg
Saint Bartholomew: Port of Gustavia
Saint Martin: Port of Marigot

permis Licenses
No license necessary for pleasure sail boats.
License is required for pleasure ships with motors from 6hp (4,5KW)

sauvetage en mer Sea rescue
CROSS Antilles-Guyane (Regional Center of maritime survey and rescue)
covering the region from the Northern Islands (St. Martin, St. Barthélémy) to the south of Saint Lucia
available 24/24.
Tel: +596-(0) - Fax: +596-(0) - Telex: 912008MR
VHF 16 and 11 - BLU 2182 - Inmarsat 422 799 024
E-Mail: and

meteo marine Maritime Weather Report
Météo France Guadeloupe - voice server: Tel: 08 92 68 08 08
Warning bulletins available upon subscription by fax

COSMA - available 24/24
Tel: +596-(0) - Fax: +596-(0) - Telex: 912008MR
VHF 16 and 11 - BLU 2182 - Inmarsat 422 799 024

Attention: hurricane season from June to November

peche Fishing
Only the following equipment must be on board a pleasure boat:
rod and reel or lure with a maximum of 12 hooks
tackle-block with 30 hooks maximum
The use of nets and lobsterpots is forbidden.
With the exception of a tournament, only 3 fish per person are authorized (thazard, tuna, sea bream, dolphin).

Skin diving (Décret n° 90-618 du 11 juillet 1990 & Arrêté Préfectoral 2002/1249 du 19 Août 2002)
Declaration at the Affaires Maritimes necessary (civil liability insurance mandatory).
Minimum age: 16 years.
Fishing for skin divers with oxygen tanks and harpoon is strictly unauthorized.
Night fishing with artificial lights is forbidden.

Protected species:
forbidden between 1 January and 31 March or berried
no capture when sized 21 cm (8 inches) for the red "royal" lobster and 14 cm (5.5 inches) for the brasilian species mesured from the point of the supraorbital spines to the end of the tail
harpoons or artificial lightning are forbidden
White Sea Urchins
forbidden between 15 January and 15 December
Sea Turtles
permanent interdiction for all species
protected by the Washington Agreement. Forbidden except for professional fishermen from 01/04 until 01/09.
Corals, sponges, sea plants
permanently forbidden to gather

Beware of the "ciguatera" !
It is a poison emitted by the coral reef and accumulated by fish in the north Antilles region. It can cause poisoning.

reserve marine Maritime Reserves
Fishing unauthorized or strongly regulated in the following areas:
Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin
Ilet Pigeon (Pointe de Malendure-Pointe-Mahault)
Banc du Crabier (Northeast of Desirade)