jean marie thelier Jean-Marie Thélier

1962 date of birth: December 18 in Lorient, where he lives until 1967
1967 Departure to Morocco, where his father works.
1975 Settles in Guadeloupe and discovers sailing :
  • First experiences at the Ecole de Voile Municipale of Pointe-à-Pitre,
  • First regattas and first prizes as a team with his brother Claude (13 months elder), on 420 (monohull).

1978 Normal school education, then Hotel school during 2 years (CAP / BEP). First of his promotion in 1980.
1980 Skipper on cruise sail ships for several charter companies in the West Indies.
Conveyance (sailing ships) over the Atlantic (5 crossings) and in the Caribbean region.
1983 Winner of the Mini Transat (as a team with his brother Claude) on a 6.50m ship: England - West Indies.
1984 Preparation of an ocean catamaran (PRAO) for the first race QUEBEC - SAINT MALO.
Crossing Guadeloupe - Québec.
Loss of the mast some hours after the departure from Québec.
  Preparation of a 15 m monohull "Centurion 47" for the Transat des Alizés (co-skipper of the team). 5th place.
1988 Settles on land and starts a career in building trade (creation of a firm - still working).

Passion and love for the sea brings him to try - with his brother Claude - sailing on HOBIE CAT 16' as amateurs (weekends).

1989 - 1993 Winners of the 1st to 5th Guadeloupean Championship
Hobie Cat 16' (with his brother Claude)
January 1993 World Championship HOBIE CAT 16', in Guadeloupe, 18th place
1994 6th Guadeloupean Championship HOBIE CAT 16': Winners (with his brother Claude)

May 94
French Championship HOBIE CAT 16' in Brest, 4 th place

Cata World Cup:
February 94

Race of Guadeloupe - HOBIE CAT 16': 2nd place
July 94
World Championship IYRU HOBIE CAT 16', at La Rochelle, selection to the French team (1st French): 17 th place
September 94
Winners of the Charente Maritime race on Hobie Cat 16' counting for the Cata World Cup

1995 March 95
Cata World Cup : Mauritius race - FORMULE 18 HAWK: 4 th place
Avril 95
2nd place at the 7th Guadeloupean Championship of Hobie Cat 16'
May 95
5th at the World Championship in Mexico on Hobie Cat 16' (1st European)
1996 March 96
HOBIE CAT 16' World Championship of à Dubaï (U.A.E.): 11th place
April 96
Winners of the 8th Guadeloupean Championship of Hobie Cat 16'
May 96
French Championship HOBIE CAT 16', in Brest: 7th place
July 96
3rd place of the European Championship of Hobie Cat 16' in Knokke, Belgium. Best French ranking ever achieved.
1997 April 97
Winners of the 9th Guadeloupean Championship on Hobie Cat 16'
April 97
Opening of the site "CATARAIBES EVASIONS"
July 97
World Championship HOBIE CAT 16', in Soto Grande (Spain): 11th place
1998 January 04, 98
Record of the Tour of Guadeloupe : 12 H 58 M 41 S.
February 98
Cataraïbes Cup (21 - 25): winners
March 14, 98
New record of the Tour of Guadeloupe : 12 H 41 M 13 S.

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