Gwenaël Roth

1991 Vice champion of Guadeloupe.
Vice champion of the Caribbean.
1992 Winner of the 'Olivetti' challenge.
1st French on Hobie Cat 16 (national ranking).
1993 French junior Champion.
The World's 24th on Hobie Cat 16 (world championship in Guadeloupe).
Catamaran match racing of Saint Brévin with the French team.

1994 6th of the olympic French sailing championship on Hobie Cat 16 (Brest).
Breitling race (Dinard - Jersey - Dinard).
French vice champion on Hobie Cat 16 (Quiberon).
The world's 20th at the Hobie Cat 16 World Championship (Mondial IYRU La Rochelle).
1995 2nd of the Breitling race on Hawk (Dinard - Jersey - Dinard).
European Junior Champion on Hobie Cat 16 (Belgium).
European senior champion (silver ring) on Hobie Cat 16 (Danmark).
1996 14th at the Fred - Force 10 race on Hawk (Dinard - Jersey - Dinard).
15th of the European championship Hobie Cat 16 (Belgium).
1997 French Champion at the National Hobie Cat 16 (St-Raphaël).
World Champion at the Hobie Cat 16 World championship (Sotogrande - Espagne).
Record of the Tour of Guadeloupe: 13 H 26 M 40 S.

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